Mortal Engines (2018)

Oi vey.  So very stupid.

I never really understand these post-apocalyptic dystopian futures where the world has ended due to a lack of resources so to survive people create crazy battle machines…that consume ridiculous amounts of resources.

Every movie has an element that requires the willful suspension of disbelief.  This one takes that concept to a whole new level…and I say that after seeing “Aquaman.”

Once I decided to stop rolling my eyes and just go with it I actually enjoyed it, but that act required a conscious decision. It was like the cinematic version of the Episcopal sacrament of reconciliation:  I made a physical choice to engage in the symbolic act of watching the movie while mustering enough faith to embrace it on an entertainment level.  Please do not confuse this with me saying it was a spiritual experience so much as a coping mechanism.

It had some good elements, but the HR person in me is certain that someone lost their job over this.

Think “Star Dust” (without the charm) meets “Mad Max Fury Road” (without the cinematic value) meets a horrible lapse of reason.

Oh, Peter Jackson…surely there’s another Tolkien book you can hide behind.

mortal engines


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