The Universe

World Globe Close Up
Cover Art by Lyndsay Simpson

Competing agendas will always exist, even in a social utopia.

Although the events in Reflection:  Book One take place over the next 110 years (without the cliché use of flashbacks, I’m proud to say), the main story is occurring in 2126.  This was not an arbitrary date, but built instead on a carefully imagined timeline.

In the not so far-off future, the world found itself at a tipping point.  It was revealed that maintaining military might was not so much a matter of self-defense as it was a means of preparing for an inevitable series of Resource Wars.  Although it’s only a historical footnote in Reflection: Book One, the Resource Wars were a pivotal point in human history:  a “perfect storm” of ecological catastrophes, climate-based disasters and the depletion of vital resources that led to what was essentially World War III, with the Unites States intent on using any force necessary to be the last country standing.  However, before the world dealt itself a death blow, one woman named Erin Ferguson took the helm of a newly reinvented tech company called FergaCorp Industries and oversaw the development of a means of limitless power production:  the singularity generator.  Harnessing the power of micro-black holes, these generators solved the world’s energy crisis, with more than enough power left over to tackle its other problems in the wake of its near destruction.

The world rebuilt, and FergaCorp Industries reinvented itself again, this time by means of launching Virtual Assistants designed to oversee the operation of their new power plants…and eventually the operation of everything else.  These VAs provided a cash-cow that allowed Erin’s company to evolve into FergaCorp WorldWide, or FCWW.

Erin’s son, William, took the next giant leap forward with the help of renowned physicist Dr. Lacy Sylvan, who repurposed the massive amounts of gravity created by a singularity generator to create guided wormholes, capable of viewing the past.  Crime was eliminated overnight, as was privacy.

By 2126, Erin’s great-grandson, Carlton, is in control of FCWW and is intent on taking Reflection Technology to its full potential.  Beholden to no one, Carlton is left to deal with the ramifications of his decisions while investigating the murder of Dr. Sylvan after she was killed by a terrorist bombing.

Governments want to control the technology FCWW created for fear Carlton cannot be trusted to provide proper oversight.   They aren’t wrong…

Religious extremists want to destroy Reflection Technology for fear Carlton will use it to advance what they see as an unholy, atheistic agenda.  They aren’t wrong …

Both will use tactics Carlton never imagined possible to get what they want, but there’s one factor that they never considered:  Carlton Ferguson is a devious, entitled and determined man.  And he’s not wrong, either.

This universe was carefully designed to balance the fantastic notion of Reflection Technology with some painfully realistic and (knock-on-wood) regretfully likely future history.  The world is going to be a wonderful place, but it’s going to take some time, tenacity and tears to get there.  Learn about this vision of the future in Reflection, Book One.

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