To Space, or Not To Space?


No, I’m not President Laura Roslin trying to figure out what to do with the latest Cylon.

Reflection: Book Two is well underway and the events in this sequel would not be contained to Carlton’s office in FCWW’s Centerplex (no matter how beautiful it is).

So where will we be in 2126?

Mars, for sure.  “The Expanse” beat me to the Martian frontier, but, for my purposes, I don’t think 100 years is far enough along to see a fully functional, independent government, etc.  Especially not after the serious setbacks my Resource Wars caused (I’m telling you, you don’t know the half of it—the world got messed up).  No, my Mars is still an undertaking in its infancy.  Not to mention probably, as Carlton will refer to it, a “shit hole.”  But who (other than FCWW) would have the resources to take on such an endeavor?  Come on, seriously?  You don’t expect me to write a series of science fiction books without a part for George Takei in the hope, nay, dream that one day they just might, just maybe be turned into a movie???  Enter Hajime Tamura, William Ferguson’s nemesis and owner of Midori No Sekai.

But fantasy casting aside, frontier Mars?  Would it be the Wild West?  Or a bunch of bio-domes with people wearing space suits and lab coats?  One way or the other, I have a feeling they are all going to be on Hajime’s payroll.

Of course, ideas must be edited, so maybe there’s no room for space travel in my series after all.

This brings me back to the original question:  “To space, or not to space?”

I’d love your opinions–comment below!

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