Cheryl Lynne Sampson

Only an idiot would underestimate Cheryl Lynne Sampson.

Brilliant and devoted, she has worked tirelessly to build a career with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGIA), the government entity tasked with partnering with FergaCorp WorldWide (FCWW) to maintain Reflection Technology.

A child of the Chicago, Illinois, foster-care system, Cheryl Lynne and her brother, Conner Lee, found themselves on their own more often than not.  This instilled a sense of independence in Cheryl Lynne that evolved into the mantra:  “I rely on no one but me.”  While this credo is true in most cases, the singular exception to this rule is reserved for her beloved brother.  After Connor Lee suffered a traumatic brain injury in an apartment fire, Cheryl Lynne evolved from an already over-protective big sister to a fully committed caregiver, spending any and all free time with her dear “Con-Lee.”

Prior to being assigned as liaison to FCWW, Cheryl Lynne spent years conducting field work for the NGIA acting on intelligence gathered via Reflection Technology to circumvent terrorist activity.  While she is slow to reveal information about herself, she speaks six languages fluently and is a master of hand-to-hand combat.  While also an expert marksman, her work in the field demonstrated a preference for discretion over gunfire.

Although she would adamantly deny it, Cheryl Lynne is an optimist who sees the best in people.  Because she innately offers her trust, she feels completely justified in seeking a certain level of “scorched earth” retribution when it is betrayed.

Cheryl Lynne is an inherent asset to anyone who finds themselves in a position to seek her help.  She also has the potential to be an incalculable liability to anyone who takes advantage of her goodwill.

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