FCWW Virtual Assistants

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Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are considered the “cash-cow” of FergaCorp Worldwide’s (FCWW) technological empire.  Not to be confused with an artificial intelligence, VAs are designed with quantum computing capabilities that allow for fast-as-light calculations enabling them to interact seamlessly with their human operators.  While the VAs that were released to the public revolutionized every conceivable day-to-day function, Carlton Ferguson saved the very best for his own purposes.

The first ultra-large-scale-system VA that was launched to the public was sold as VA-808 and evolved into the unit now known as Odysseus, rebranded with Carlton’s love of mythology in mind.  Odysseus oversees all United States technological and federal operational functions, from the power grid and air traffic control to missile defense and stop light cameras, with everything in between.

Reflection Technology is overseen by the Chancery unit, the first VA designed with reliable algorithms to determine “right” from “wrong.”  It was while working on Chancery that Carlton forged his close friendship with Dr. Lacy Sylvan, the inventor of Reflection Technology.

Carlton personally utilizes two separate VA units, one to conduct his business and the other to provide for his security.  Named Gabriel and Michael, respectively, these units represent the height of VA technology and are capable of overriding any other FCWW VA unit at will.

Of course, Carlton Ferguson is not the only person to develop his own VA.  After the attack that resulted in the death of Lacy Sylvan, Carlton was introduced to Beacon: a unit of Lacy’s own design with special attributes that could only have been conceived by Dr. Sylvan herself.

Meet the rest of the VAs who make up FCWW’s arsenal of technology in Reflection:  Book One, now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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