Carlton Ferguson

Carlton C. Ferguson is the owner and CEO of FergaCorp WorldWide (FCWW).  Carlton’s grandfather, William Ferguson, named Carlton his successor and sole heir, choosing him over his own son (Carlton’s father), Aaron.

As a result, Carlton is largely estranged from his parents.  Although he has a polite relationship with his mother, he carries resentment toward her priorities and questions her seemingly philanthropical motives.    The relationship between Carlton and Aaron is for all causes irreparable, especially after Aaron’s failed attempts to contest his father’s will.

As Carlton became more involved with FCWW, he developed a close professional relationship with Dr. Lacy Sylvan.  This collaboration evolved into one of deep admiration and respect on both sides.  While Lacy saw Carlton as a second son, Carlton viewed her as his most trusted ally and only real friend.   Lacy often joked that Carlton was a “stereotypical Taurus,” most often when making fun of his stubbornness and tendency toward procrastination.  When Lacy is attacked and Carlton is confronted by the loss of such an important person in his life, he finds himself spiraling into an emotional course of action devoid of his usual thoughtful, charismatic finesse.

Carlton Ferguson is a man consumed by conflict.  Although devious, he is kind.  Although suspicious, he is loyal.  He is a hero with noble motives, but he must reconcile the fact that those who hurt him so deeply by attacking his dear friend may have actually been on the right side of history (a history that thanks to his own technology, is no longer subject to interpretation or speculation).  Through the process of grieving for Lacy, Carlton will learn that trust is resource worth fostering.  In his search for justice, he will discover that he is not alone and that there are others who are willing to put their faith in him.

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