Dr. Lacy Sylvan

Lacy Lina Sylvan was born to American CPA Jason Sylvan and Chinese poet Liu Li Na who coincidentally met while consulting with FergaCorp WorldWide (FCWW) founder, Erin Ferguson.  Erin hired the two to assist with the development of Virtual Assistant technology, FCWW’s second and most profitable technological achievement.  Lacy would share this anecdote many years later with Erin’s son William Ferguson, although that particular meeting was anything but coincidental.

Lacy possessed a unique mind that allowed her to envision possibilities in the realm of theoretical physics that placed her on a historical level with the likes of Carol Lloyd, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, although she was much too modest to acknowledge this (especially any comparison to Hawking, of whom she was a devoted fan).  A devout Christian, Lacy adamantly believed that her God had granted humankind intelligence with the hope that it would one day be used to better comprehend its maker.  Lacy appreciated the beauty of mathematics and curated an impressive collection of fractal art during her life.

After years of working in academic circles, Lacy was lured to FCWW when William offered her an opportunity of a lifetime.  The crime-free utopia that Earth became is due in no small part to FCWW’s vast resources being paired with Lacy Sylvan’s limitless imagination.  It was at FCWW that Lacy not only fully formulated her Reflection Window theory, but also oversaw the development and implementation of practical applications.  It was while working on the VA unit designed to oversee Reflection Window operations that Lacy became a mentor and life-long friend to Carlton Ferguson.

Prior to joining FCWW, Lacy married and divorced Dellingham “Dell” Jackson, with whom she had one son, Jason Sylvan-Jackson.

Jason and Carlton were both at Lacy’s side when she died after a tragic bombing that was reportedly perpetrated by Islamic extremist, Ali Asaad.  Carlton equated her death with the passing of his own conscience.

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