Politics, As Usual

Nasty election cycle got you down?

I wish I could say that things were destined to become more civil, but such is not the atmosphere in Reflection: Book Two.

In the year 2126 corporations rule and the position of the U.S. presidency is little more than that of a highly paid spokesperson, but what happens when the incumbent goes off script?

It was no coincidence that the main action of the first installment of the Reflection Series was set in February of 2126:  a mid-term election year with the presidential race getting ready to spin up in just a few months.

We’ve met President Elizabeth Elliot and know that Carlton Ferguson was her Queen Maker, but can that relationship last?  If not, who will FCWW back?

The only other horse currently in the race has a bit of baggage, but Marshall “Trey” Stevens III is determined that his future does not reside in his past…although he’s not above using his family’s history to garner favor from anyone with deep pockets.

Is the devil you know better than the one you don’t?  I can’t say, but this you can count on:  a politician is a politician in any era.



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