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W. Scott Causey loves science fiction. As a child, when he wasn’t watching sci-fi on television or reading sci-fi books, Scott was building Lego starships and imagining life in the utopia that he knew Earth was destined to become. The Reflection Series represents Scott’s best effort to reconcile those childhood dreams with the realities of life in the context of the world in which we all live.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Scott currently resides with his husband in Jacksonville, Florida, where they both make every effort to raise their dogs as if they were children and enjoy as much science fiction as possible.

And to any who might be wondering, yes, FergaCorp WorldWide is named after a dachshund.  In fact, all of Scott and Jason’s pets were given “shout-outs” throughout the series:

Ferguson Causey-King

Ferguson Causey-King

(Ferguson family & FCWW)

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O’Dell Elliot Causey-King

(Dell Jackson, Adelle Jackson and President Elizabeth Elliot)

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Otis Jackson Causey-King

(Dell Jackson, Jason Sylvan-Jackson, Adelle Jackson)


Baxter Causey-King

(Thomas Baxter)

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