Aquaman (2018)

Wow.  First off, let’s just take a second to remember and appreciate that this is not Jason Momoa’s first time taking up residence in Atlantis. While I personally preferred the Stargate Atlantean concept, this movie was a TRIP.

It had a very “Thor: Ragnorak” vibe as it defiantly kicked sand in the face of DC’s otherwise brooding style while it stomped on its other flimsy sandcastle movies.  It’s easily the second best DC movie in this string after “Wonder Woman,” which brings me to my biggest disappointment.  The one thing I was hoping for was some interaction with my beloved Amazons.  I did not get that, but trust me when I say that this movie had every other possible element you could imagine.  It was like the director just took everything he could think of, said, “well, if I’m going to make this movie…” and gave each random thought six to ten minutes screen-time each:

Love story? Check
Reluctant king? Check
Emotional power struggle? Check
Political power struggle? Check
Heartbreaking origin story? Check
Tragic villain? Check
Arrogant villain? Check
Cocky but lovable hero? Check
Slightly annoyed by her male counterparts, hyper-capable female super ninja? Check
Lasers? Check
Magic? Check
A divided kingdom bent on war? Check
Gladiator smack-down? Check
Dinosaurs? Check
Battle sharks? Check
Battle crabs? Check
Battle seahorses? Check
Science fiction style ships and cities? Check
Alien-esque fish people? Check
A literal Kaiju? Check
Societal commentary on the 99%? Check
An Excalibur-type mythical super weapon? Check
Unrealistically attractive people? Check
Elaborate costumes ranging from skin tight bodysuits to absurd armor all of which would be useless in actual combat? Check
Willem Dafoe wearing a man-bun? Check

And perhaps most importantly,

Shirtless Jason Momoa? Would we even be talking about this movie if that wasn’t a given? Check

And keep in mind I’ve said ALL this and only given you very mild spoilers that you would have already observed if you watched the trailers.  I haven’t even started on the plot.  It was cheesy and awesome and stupid and great all at the same time.  I dare you to not be entertained.  I even found myself clapping at the end because I was so confused by what I had just seen.

I simply do not know what more I could have asked from this movie. Except some freakin’ Amazons…come on!!!


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