Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

To quote my niece while reading my expression at her suggesting we see this one on Christmas day, “They can’t all be Aquaman.”  

Spoiler alert:  it’s apparently hard being a woman in a man’s world. 

Beautifully written, gorgeous costumes, perfectly acted, exquisite, but oh, so boring.  I mean, it was great and educational and all…and that’s why I for one go to the movies…

As for “actual” and not just “perceived” cons, I have to say there were two completely gratuitous sex scenes that did nothing other than serve to make me feel uncomfortable while sitting next to my sister. The only other justifiably negative/critical thing I can say is that the direction and/or editing left it a little choppy and hard to follow at times, but hey, anybody with a history book knows how it ends. 

As devoid of comic book characters/CGI effects/anything interesting as it was, I did get a new perspective.  The movie claims that it’s a story of two women in power being pit against each other by the men who advised them.  In actuality, though, I’d say that was only partially true. If anything, it suggests Elizabeth listened too closely to her advisers while Mary did not listen enough.  Like it or not, we see how that worked out for each of them respectively.  

My niece actually got a little peeved at me because I suggested that Mary did, technically, have what happened to her coming.  She totally disagreed, but she also tends to back the underdog (like seeing this movie instead of “Aquaman” on Christmas day).

Still, Margot Robbie proved she could wield a scepter just as easily as a sledge hammer. I’ll always think of her as Harley Quinn, but she did an amazing job as Elizabeth.

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