Joy of Man’s Desiring


Available now from the Florida Writers Association!

I am incredibly proud to announce a short story delving into the history of Carlton Ferguson’s dear and, dare I say, misunderstood mother has been published in the Florida Writers Association’s most recent collection, What a Character! 

“Joy of Man’s Desiring” is one of several brief “reflections” that will be released in the months leading up to the launch of Reflection: Book Two and the only one currently planned to be published as part of an outside collection.  This particular “reflection” focuses on Abigail Ferguson and the choices that led her to become one of my favorite characters in the entire series.

Make no mistake:  Abigail is neither tragic nor naive.  She is not only conscious of making her bed, but of deciding to lie in it, no matter how much it might make her toss and turn at night.

Does this make her a gold digger or committed wife?  An opportunist or a philanthropist?  You know, Abigail never saw much sense in the word “or.”

I hope you like “Joy of Man’s Desiring,” as well as the other assortment of short fiction in What a Character! and that you will support this group of amazing, local Florida authors.  And in the meanwhile, look for more brief “reflections” in the upcoming months!


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